How To Pitch Freelance Reporters To Get Publicity.

As America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach, one of my jobs is to keep my clients aware of media pitching opportunities they might not think of.

One of the frequently overlooked areas for gaining publicity is to pitch free lance reporters. Free lance reporters operate under most people radar and do not get pitched a lot. These reporters have to spend a lot of time digging up their own story ideas and actually look forward to being pitched in many instances.

Freelance writers are “hired guns” that can sell a story to anyone in any media. They may write for newspapers, blogs, magazines, etc., you never know. This is good news for you as your company, product or cause may end up being featured in multiple outlets at the same time.

I found an interesting article by Mickie Kennedy on His articles covers how to pitch freelance reporters. It is worth reading and can be found at :

By the way if you are serious about learning how to pitch the media, particularly TV, go to for a special offer.

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Edward Smith
America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach

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