Copy The Pros If You Want Publicity.

As America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach, I believe in keeping up on what other pros in the field of publicity are saying. I pick up a lot of good ideas because of this and I recommend that you scan what the movers and shakers are saying on a regular basis.

It pays to copy the pros when you are doing your own publicity. Yes, doing your own publicity can save you time and money, but it is all a waste if you blow it with your pitches.

I follow Penny C. Sansevieri, and she posted an article on Things Publicists Are Doing That You Should Be Doing To. In the article she lists nine things that fall into this category. Here are a few of the points she makes:

.Think like a journalist. She stresses a key point that is hard for many people new to doing their own publicity to grasp. That is that it is not about you, your product or your cause, it is about the readers of the publication. Your story has to appeal to the audience of the media. The publication does not exist to advertise your stuff, they exist to serve the reader. So you need to think in terms of what people out there are interested in and craft a story that talks to them, not sells them.

.Know the rules. Know when to pitch, who to pitch, when to pitch and so on. This is key. The best message in the world, poorly pitched, gets hit by the delete button. In fact I feel so strongly about this incredible waste of effort on the part of people that would have a great shot at getting coverage if they pitched properly, that I have created a product for this. If you are tired of wasting your pitch efforts go to right now for a special offer.

.Don’t overlook local media. It is not all about getting on Good Morning America. Sometimes local media pitched with a local message can bring a home run. After you get a local hit, you can work your way up the food chain and perfect your message along the way.

You can read the full article here:

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