how to pitch bloggers to obtain publicity for your product, cause or company.

As America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach, I cover all the bases when it comes to pitching the media. And that includes bloggers.

Bloggers can be a good source of publicity for your product, service or cause and can reach people not served by other media. And bloggers cover niche areas allowing you to deeply penetrate a subject you want covered for you. In many cases they do not have big numbers of readers, but those readers are gold for you if they meet your target audience. So don’t discount pitching to bloggers, they deserve at least your second tier of effort and coverage.

But bloggers need to be pitched differently that say TV producers. Oh by the way if you are interested in pitching TV producers you should check out my other blog Cassie Boorn wrote a good article with tips on how to pitch bloggers and some of the things she mentions are:

.Like all other media pitches, shorter is sweeter. Don’t make your pitch too long.

.Try to get to know the blogger before you pitch them so they don’t delete you email.

.Don’t expect bloggers to want to give away your product or sell your product for you.

The article can be found here:

So remember, bloggers can be a worthwhile source of publicity for you, but they need special care.

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