Top Seven Reasons Producers And Journalists Ignored Your PR Pitch.


This article will show you the most likely reasons your PR pitches to TV/radio producers and journalists got no response. This applies to authors, small businesses, tech startups and non-profits. The good news it is surprisingly simple thing to fix and won’t cost you a cent. Oh and you don’t have to spend money or time on press releases.

As America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach, almost every client I get has come to me because they have failed at pitching the media. They did everything by the book but got nowhere. Unfortunately the book is wrong and you will get nowhere following the traditional methods of trying to get publicity for your book, small business, tech startup or non-profit.

Let look at the leading reasons you PR pitch was ignored.

1. You sent it to the wrong person. If you just addressed it to “Producer Today Show, or some other generic title, it was just deleted. If you used a media contact list, it was probably out of date and was ignored. The only way to get the right contact is to check out the listing on the media outlets website and use that contact. If it is not there call the office and get the specific persons name. Do not settle for “attention news desk” or something like that.

2. You pitched the wrong media outlet. You sent a pitch for car PR to a cooking magazine, or a pitch for a clothing item to a political oriented media outlet. You have to match your product or service to the media outlet’s audience or it is a waste of time for all concerned.

3. Your pitch was too long. You went into way too much detail and scared the media contact off. Short and sweet can’t be beat. Stick to three, tops four short paragraphs.

4. Your email subject line did not “hook” them. Sum up the main reason they should book an interview with you and put it in the subject line. Emails without a compelling reason to open the email are generally deleted

5. Your whole pitch was not compelling. You did not show why the media outlet’s audience would be interested in what you have to say. This is the key to the whole thing. It is not about you, it is about the media outlet’s audience.

6. It could wait. There was no reason to book you now; you did not show any urgency about your story. Producers and journalists want timely stores, those that can wait, do. .

7. You were too soon or too late with your pitch. Each media outlet uses a different time line as to when they are open to pitches. Some work four hours ahead, some work four months ahead. You need to find the “sweet spot” for timing and pitch your story then.

Bonus. You pitch sounded like an advertisement. PR is not advertising and if you come across as giving a hard sell to a product, book, etc, you will be ignored.

So those are the top reasons your pitch was ignored. But the fixes were easy weren’t they? And note, they didn’t cost you a penny.

Of course if you book, product or service is at all unique coming up with the killer pitch can be hard. That is why I created the Quick Fame System. It comes with one on one phone coaching, so we can tailor the pitch you your particular circumstances.

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Thanks so much for reading this and good luck with your pitching.

Edward W. Smith
America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach.

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