How To Write Great Headlines When Pitching The Media.

This article will show you the key elements you need to build into your headline when you are doing your own publicity and pitching the media. This will result in huge publicity for your book, small business, non-profit or tech startup.

Headlines are the most vital element in your publicity pitch. Lets look at the numbers that back that statement up.

My research shows that 8 out of 10 producers, editors or bloggers will read the headline of a pitch emailed to them. It also shows that only 2 out of 10 will read the body copy. This shows the incredible importance of the email pitch headline in the process of you being booked to get on TV, radio or interviewed in print. An action step here is to make sure you spend the bulk of your time on the headline when writing your pitch.

As far as headline length goes, all of the pros agree that the maximum length is 12 words, with many recommending even smaller word counts such as six to ten. In any event your take away should be “short and sweet, can’t be beat”.

Now here is the key part to get. Understand this and you can forget the rest. Your headline must speak directly to the person you are sending the pitch to. No one else. Talk about their audience, their show, their topic, whatever, but make sure it only works for the one person you are sending it to. No mass mailing pitches, you are wasting everyone’s time.

Many times it helps to act like your pitch is a Tweet even though it won’t be. This forces you to keep it short and to the point.

Remember you are dealing with someone who is busy, busy, busy. Respect their time and only pitch something you are sure will be on target for them.

Of course coming up with the angle to pitch the pitch together is an art by itself. Very few people can do it if their book, small business, tech startup or non-profit is at unique. That is why I have several options to make it easy for your to book an interview in the media.

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