Key Media Pitching Steps When Doing Your Own PR.

This article will show you the key steps you need to follow when doing your own PR in order to get publicity for your book, small business, startup or non-profit. Getting on TV, radio or in print to promote yourself costs you nothing, is relatively easy to do and can be done quickly.

The first step in doing your own PR is to know who your target audience is. Who do you ultimately want to sell to? Don’t try to be all things to all people. Don’t say, “Well I will take anyone who will watch”. Shotguning for customers doesn’t work. You end up reaching no one.

Next you want to find out what those target customers watch, read, etc. This will tell you the media you want to target in your media pitching. You need to make a list of a few choice media targets for you to hone in on with your pitches. Targeting just any media outlet doesn’t work, because the media outlets know whom they reach audience wise and will reject your pitch. Even if you did get exposure in non-target media, it has the wrong audience and won’t do you any good.

Now is the time to do heavier research on the individual media outlets you are targeting. If it is a TV show, watch it and see how long the segments are, the tone of the segments, etc. That way you can say things like “In a ten minute segment we can show your audience ……” The producer will respond to this approach as it shows you are right for the show. The same goes for radio or print, or even bloggers. Show you understand how their stories work and how you can relate to their audience. Here you will avoid the biggest no no in pitching, which is sending your pitch to someone that does not cover your subject matter. Man does that make them angry

Now is the time to step back and see if you are ready for prime time. If you get the call from a producer or editor, are you ready to answer all their questions? Do you have all the material you need to deliver what you pitched? Is you website up to date? And so on. Imagine you got the call right now, how would you react? Be careful of what you ask for, as you might get it.

Now it is time to write the pitch. What is your angle for that audience in that particular media outlet? Here you want to be as specific as possible. Each pitch to each media outlet should be slightly different. Target, target, target. It is a lot of work, but you are only sending out a few pitches because your list is so tight. .

Now is the big moment, sending the pitch. Only use email, as my research shows that 99% of the producers and editors prefer to be pitched via email.

OK, that gives you a good idea of the steps to take when doing your own PR and you want to get coverage for your book, small business, startup or non-profit.

Of course coming up with the angle to pitch the pitch together is an art by itself. Very few people can do it if their book, small business, tech startup or non-profit is at unique. That is why I have several options to make it easy for your to book an interview in the media.

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Then I have the Quick Fame System to give you the tools to work up your own media pitch. This includes one on one phone coaching.

If you just want to run a pitch by me, you can book a One Hour Media Pitch Consultation.

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