Use the 80/20 rule for massive publicity when doing your own PR.

This article will show you why you need to give up the “shotgun” approach to pitching and use the 80/20 rule to send targeted pitches to get publicity for your book, small business, non-profit or startup. This is especially true when you are doing your own PR.

I advise my clients to use highly targeted pitches that only focus on a few selected media outlets as the best way to get publicity.

Still a number of people cling to the old ways of doing PR. They send out press releases at a time when the media has stopped reading them. Who has time to pick through literally thousands of press releases when 99.9% of them don’t relate to what they cover? And press releases cost money to write and distribute. Where is the ROI on that?

Others insist on sending out “blasts” of pitches via email or even worse, snail mail, to every media outlets they can find in the hope that someone will pick up their story. Unfortunately for them, the media can spot a “blast” pitch a mile away and do not want to cover the same thing other media is covering. Not to mention the fact that in most instances the subject matter is not right for their media outlet.

The other major reason people resist doing targeted pitches is that they feel crafting the targeted pitches take too much time and effort. And yes, it does take time to research who your audience is, what media outlet caters to them and then write a pitch that appeals to that audience and media.

The answer to the issue of the effort to created targeted pitches goes beyond the simple truth of them being the only thing that works, or that you have no choice if you want to get coverage. It deals with time management.

Are you familiar with the 80/20 rule? In this application, it says you get 80% or your benefits from 20% of your efforts. So if you have a target list of media outlets, 80% of the publicity coverage you get is likely to come from 20% of the media outlets on your list. So your work just got easier. Only focus on writing custom pitches for 20% of your media outlets. See how much time you saved and your return on time spent shot up?

You can use a number of factors to decide who the top 20% of your target media is. Perhaps it is the media outlet with the largest audience, perhaps it is the outlets that have given you good coverage before, or perhaps it is those outlets with niche audiences. In any event, once you set up the criteria and make the cut you are on your way.

Now you have time to carefully watch each TV show, listen to every radio show and read every publication you are targeting. Then you can “speak the language” of the producer or editor responsible for the show and craft a pitch just for them.

Don’t you feel better about using targeted pitches now? The truth is that they are the only option you have that works, but now you have the time to actually use them.

Of course coming up with the angle to pitch the pitch together is an art by itself. Very few people can do it if their book, small business, tech startup or non-profit is at unique. That is why I have several options to make it easy for your to book an interview in the media.

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Edward W. Smith
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