How To Make A Perfect Media Publicity Pitch In 15 Easy Steps

This article will show you how to pitch the media in order to get on TV, radio or be interviewed in print promoting your book, start up or nonprofit. By following the 15 simple steps outlined below you will be on your way to achieving massive publicity at no cost.

As America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach, most of my clients come to me after striking out in their efforts to get coverage in the media. Many of these have used PR agencies and found their promises did not live up to expectations. And the costs became prohibitive. Others have tried to do their own PR, but lacked a system to follow that would work under their individual circumstances.

The good news is that you really can get the publicity you want and it absolutely free and honestly really simple to do.

You don’t have to be wired in or “know someone” to get media coverage. The truth is that you are offering the media something their audience is interested in and they will sell their mother to get a bigger audience.

And since you are not going to be using a PR agency or paying for press releases, your outlay will be zero.

So here they are, the 15 steps you can follow to get more media coverage than you ever dreamed of. Just start with step one and work you way through them.

(1) Define the goal of your publicity. Do you want to sell more merchandise or books by exposing your product to consumers? Are you a startup looking for funds from financial backers? Or are you a non-profit looking for donations. Each goal will take you down a different publicity path and you need to determine your goal upfront so you avoid wasting time.

(2) Determine whom you want to reach with your publicity given your goals. Do you want to reach consumers interested in organic food, money manager interested in investing, or perhaps people interested in a particular cause?

(3) Set up a prescreened list of what media outlets to pitch. Do your homework on what media outlets cover your subject matter and reach the target audience that is right for you. Going outside that list will not generate any extra coverage, no matter how much you want it to.

(4) Do not consider using press releases to pitch. Press releases do not generate a response rate high enough to justify the time and money required to send them out.

(5) Use email to send your pitches. Phone pitches usually wind up in voice mail and are ignored and no one uses snail mail anymore.

(6) Use the actual name of the person at the media outlet you are pitching, not some generic greeting. The names of key personnel is usually shown on the media outlets website.

(7) Don’t send a pitch unless you believe you have a reasonable chance of success. Sending a pitch about cars to a gardening magazine will get your pitches blackballed at that publication.

(8) Limit subject lines to seven words or less. Most media professionals screen their pitches on their mobile phones and long subject lines don’t display properly.

(9) Put the essence of your pitch in your subject line. Don’t try to hide what you are pitching. Also avoid hype or you will be deleted.

(10) Do not put attachments on your initial pitch. Attachments get screened out as spam.

(11) Also do not send books or product samples with your initial pitch. Your contact will request them if they are interested.

(12) Be honest in your pitch. Do not try to hide what you are pitching. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

(13) Be sure to include you contact information. Believe it or not, 13% of all pitches go out without any contact information.

(14) Do not follow up for at least 48 hours and then only follow up once. Let it go after that or you will become a pest.

(15) Be prepared to answer media inquires when they occur and within one hour at the most. Have all material needed at hand. You only get one chance and then the media person will move on.

Bonus Tip. Ask for the order. When you get a media inquiry, ask them to book you as a guest now. Take the opportunity when it is hot.

So there you have it, how to pitch the media for publicity in 15 simple steps. It wasn’t bad was it? You will find you have really good results if you follow this format and not be discouraged by getting bogged down in things you don’t understand. It is easier than you think providing you stay within the guidelines. I like to say that yes, 99% of all pitches strike out, but that is because 99% of all pitches are crafted using the wrong framework.

Of course coming up with the angle to pitch the pitch together is an art by itself. Very few people can do it if their book, small business, tech startup or non-profit is at unique. That is why I have several options to make it easy for your to book an interview in the media.

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Then I have the Quick Fame System so you can work up your own media pitch. This includes one on one phone coaching.

If you just want to run a pitch by me, you can book a One Hour Media Pitch Consultation.

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Good luck.

Edward W. Smith
America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach.

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