Disastrous PR Pitching Mistakes You Can Avoid Right Now.

This article will show you how to easily avoid PR pitching mistakes when you are doing your own publicity for your small business, book, tech start up or non-profit.

As America’s leading Media Pitching Coach, I see the best and worst pitches out there. One of the things that always strikes me is how simple the good PR pitches are and how simple it would have been to avoid the mistakes in the truly bad ones.

Let’s look at some “pitch killer” mistakes that you can correct today.

(1) Contacting a media person and asking them how you can promote your book, small business, etc. This is an easy one. Don’t ever do this. The media is not in business to promote you stuff. Catching them on a bad day can lead to a real dressing down. They will tell you to figure that out yourself and then buy advertising.
(2) Assuming that if you advertise in a media outlet you are entitled to extra coverage for your business. No, no, no. Advertising in a media outlet rarely gets you anything more than what you paid for.
(3) Not targeting your pitch to the media outlets that cover your subject. Make sure every aspect fits the media outlet from the geographical area they cover all the way over to the audience they reach.
(4) Using tired over worked pitch themes. Why should the media plug your product into a theme that has been beaten to death? You are dead on arrival with that one. Come up with a new angle of your own.
(5) Not putting your lead in the subject line. If the media had to search for your lead it will not happen.
(6) Using more than 7 words in your subject line. Media pros screen their emails on their phones and anything more than 7 words is lost.
(7) Calling to pitch rather than emailing. Emails is the only way to reach the media. Oh and don’t try texting either, they are not there on that yet.
(8) Not being prepared for the media when they call. Make yourself available and fully prepared to discuss any aspect of your pitch otherwise you will blow it.
(9) Not including your contact information in your pitch.
(10) Not addressing one specific media person at the media outlet you are pitching. And don’t pitch more than one person there either.

So see how easy those mistakes are to avoid?

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Good luck.

Edward W. Smith
America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach.

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