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Edward Smith

Edward Smith

Edward W. Smith is a publicity expert specializing in coaching clients on how to pitch broadcast, print and social media to obtain coverage for themselves, their product or cause. His experience in publicity coaching spans over 20 years and he has helped over 1,000 clients surpass their publicity goals.

Edward works with individual clients, businesses and non-profit organizations, from tech start-ups to charities.

Edward’s clients have appeared on every major radio and TV interview show, as well as the top newspapers and magazines in the US.

Edward’s background is a unique combination of experience on both sides of the media pitch equation. He is the Executive Produce/Host of the Bright Moment motivational cable TV show,. Prior to that he had the Bright Moment radio show He also wrote and published the international best seller “Sixty Seconds To Success”.

Because of the experience gained “pitching” his book to the media and being in the position of being pitched to on a regular basis in his producer function, Mr. Smith has leaned exactly what is needed to secure placement in the media. This is one of the things that lead to Mr. Smith being designated “America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach.

Mr. Smith created the quick fame system to help clients pitch the media. The program is unique in that it includes coaching, so it can be tailored to work with any client needs.

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