Having trouble getting a publicity pitch that will get you booked for an interview on TV, radio, or in a magazine, newspaper or blog?

You are not alone. 99.9% of all pitches sent out strike out. In fact only 2% of the pitches are even read past the subject line.

Coming up with the right angle, is hard enough, but getting it in a form that media people will respond to seems almost impossible. Especially if your book, small business, tech startup or non-profit is at all unique.

Up to now you haven’t had many options for getting a good pitch. Hiring a PR firm is pricey with an iffy outcome. Press releases are dead, no one reads them. Doing it yourself is beyond most peoples capability.

But you can have a “get you booked” media pitch written for you at an affordable price..

More about this later.

About me.
Ed Smith2

I am Edward W. Smith, America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach and know exactly what you need to say in a publicity pitch. I coach authors, small business people, tech startups and non-profits as to just what to say in a pitch. And I get results.

I have been on both sides of the pitching process for 25 years.. I wrote an international best selling book and “pitched” my way into the top media outlets. Then I hosted a radio and TV show and booked guests. I realized most people haven’t a clue about what producers are looking for. Boy does it help to see the other side of things.

Over 2,000 people have received media coverage as a result of my media pitch coaching. Chances are one of my pitches got someone booked today.

Now I have moved beyond just coaching on how to pitch, I write the pitch itself.

Let me create a “Get You Booked” publicity pitch for you.

One that takes the essence of what you want to promote and marries it to just what media people are looking for. I find that “sweet spot” between shows that have the audience interested in your message and your message itself. Once that is done you are almost as good as booked.

At that point all you have to do is take the pitch and email it to the media outlets you have targeted. Oh and wait for the phone to ring.

It is easy to work with me.

1. First we consult on the best goals, target audience, angle and target media for you. This is done through up to three, one hour, one on one phone conversations.

2. Next I develop a draft of the media pitch draft for your review.

3. After that we do a one-hour, one on one phone conversation to fine tune pitch.

4. Then I send you a completed pitch ready to email to your target media outlet.

How Much Does It Cost?

I was not sure what to charge for this. I know based on my standard $150 per hour fee, there is about four hours of phone time there, so $600 is a start. Because I have to add my behind the scenes work, I would need to double that to $1,200. That is one number. A PR firm would charge somewhere between $5,000 to $10 000 a month with a four month minimum to take you on as a client. Maybe the number should be in that range instead.

I want people to come back to me for more work and refer me to others so I decided to offer a bargain. I picked $599 for one complete media pitch, ready to email to your target media. This is at least half the price of my lowest estimate for what it should cost.

I can’t keep this price very long. Once I get my appointments fully booked for the next two weeks I am taking this offer down. When I get a new fix on appointment availabilities, I will repost the offer, at $999.


I will give you a FREE one-hour, one on one phone follow up consultation after you have had a chance to begin using the media pitch. This is helpful for updating any new information you want in the pitch, evaluating results to date, etc.

I plan to remove this bonus follow up consultation when I repost the offer at $999.

Join others that have been booked using my pitches.

“Your pitch for my book “The Life Of Pi” got me booked on Good Morning America.”
Yann Martel-Author.

“Ed, I tried everything to get publicity for my startup before coming to you. I tried press releases, using a PR agency, and so on. Nothing worked. Until I hired you. Now I am on my way to being fully funded because of the publicity your pitch generated.
Bill Taurelillo-President, siteapps.com

“Wow, Ed, your pitch for the Trinity Irish Dancers got us on the Today show. You are really as good as they say you are.”
Laura Boyle, Director, Trinity Irish Dancers.

“I got my own talk show and my law practice has expanded thanks to the PR advice you gave me.”
Scott Weinberg-Weinberg On The Law.

Order now

Yes, I want America’ Leading Media Pitch Coach to create a “Get You Booked” media pitch for me and include the bonus follow up consultation!

One payment of $599.00

Upon payment you will be redirected to a welcome page with further instructions.

I look forward to working with you.

Edward Smith
America’s Leading Media pitch Coach
145 River Road
Concord, NH 03303

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